YGE Brushless 90LV V3(3-6S) ESC with BEC

  • $125.00

YGE 90LV BEC V3 brushless controller

Suitable for class 500 to 550 helicopters in lipo up to 6S, these controllers exude the quality of German design and manufacturing. 

Their governor mode is exceptional and allows the use of a wide range of rotor speeds with the same pinion. This easily goes from single to double, which makes it possible to exploit the astonishing stability and maneuverability performance of the flybarless modules at low revs.

New version with integrated signal booster

  • 90A maximum admissible continuous current with good cooling.
  • Lipo:  2 to 6s with power reduction protection.
  • NiMh:  6-18  with power reduction protection.
  • Disengageable undervoltage detection .
  •  Switched BEC: 5.7V, 7.4V, 8V switchable with a jumper
  •  6A continuously, peak 12A, it is possible to add a small buffer battery
  • Speed ​​controller (governor mode).
  •  Smooth start.
  • Active freewheel , which allows continuous use under partial load.
  • 2 large section cables for power supply
  • output of revolution sensors for external regulator (VBAR)
  • Automatic timing  , or programmable in 6 levels
  • Continuously adjustable F3A brake  .
  • FCEM  Normal brake adjustable in 3 steps.
  • Frequency: 8 to 16 kHz
  • Maximum speed: 240,000 rpm (2-pole motor)
  • Overload and  temperature alert.
  • Integrated anti-spark system
  • Dimensions: 64 x 32 x 13mm
  • Weight: 52g, 82g with cable
  • Programming with ProgCard II  or III (ProgCard sold separately)