Return Policy

Have a problem with your product? Simply need to make a return? Don’t need what you ordered? Check below for help with your returns, along with our stated guidelines regarding these matters.

Non Warranty Related Return

Tiger Tactical Airsoft offers a (30) day return policy for all new, unused items that are in brand new condition without fault, damage or otherwise. 

Valid returns are based upon factory sealed products that are in 100% resale condition. 

This (30) day policy is based upon the date the product(s) were received by the customer. Anything beyond (30) days of receipt will not be valid for return.

If the item(s) received has been opened, used or damaged, no return options will be offered. Outside of warranty, any item without fault or warranty related issue cannot be accepted back unless the item is in brand new condition, as we cannot offer an opened or used item to our customer base.

Restock Fee

In regards to any non warranty item that is being returned for a refund, a restock fee up to 15% may be applied at the discretion of our staff. This restock may apply due to product that lacks original packing material, shows any signs of use, or simply cannot be sold in "as new" condition.

Shipping Fee Deduction

If a non warranty item is being returned based upon valid return guidelines (brand new, unused, factory sealed packaging), the original shipping fees paid by Tiger Tactical Airsoft (if Free Shipping was used) will be deducted from the overall sum total. If the customer paid for a specified shipping method, these shipping fees will not be valid for a refund.

Condition of Non Warranty Products Being Returned

Items being returned must be brand new without any use. Any kits that have been partially or fully built, items that have been soldered, batteries that have been soldered or charged, or products that have been cut, punctured, modified or otherwise, will not be accepted as a return. Airsoft guns that have been “test fire” will not be accepted as a return item.

RMA Number Information

All approved return items will require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before being shipped back to our location. This number aids us in the ability to properly handle your return. Without an RMA number, your package has a probability of being mis-handled, lost or delayed, and Tiger Tactical Airsoft will take no responsibility for any return that does not have an approved RMA number. Please contact our staff for proper RMA information, as we are happy to help you.

RMA Packaging

Packages that have missing items, parts or otherwise will be returned to the customer and will not be eligible for any credit, refund or otherwise.

When packing your item(s) for return, be sure all original pieces and documents are included in the package and assorted as in original factory condition. If items are missing, damaged or otherwise, your return will not be able to be processed or accepted, and will be returned direct to you.

Return Shipping

Return shipping can be whatever manner that suits you best, but must be safe, ensuring the package arrives to us without damage. Return shipping fees cannot be credited or refunded, no matter what the cost may be, so please choose the shipping method that best suits your return. 

We recommend using a “tracked” method of shipping, which will allow you to verify that the return has made it to our facility.

Returns sent via COD will not be accepted; the customer is bound to pay shipping fees for any item returned. Tiger Tactical Airsoft does not cover any return shipping fees for any return made.

Warranty Returns - Faulty / Damaged Item(s) Received

For any item that is faulty, damaged, or falls relating to warranty related issues, please contact our customer service department for help, and we will be sure to assist you in every way possible regarding the matter at hand.

Please note that certain / select products we carry may be replaced or repaired direct via the manufacture, no matter when the item / product was purchased. In this case, feel free to contact us for help, and we will issue you the proper contact information so the item can be addressed via the manufacturer. However, we will be certain your warranty is properly addressed.

For valid returns, once an RMA number is received, please ship back to us via standard shipping – no upgraded shipping method, such as 2nd Day Air, Overnight, or EMS will be credited or refunded. Returns can take several days to be processed – please see below section for greater detail on returns and how they are handled.

Returning Fragile Items

In regards to returning fragile items that can be easily damaged, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the package is packed and sealed safely, as any damage via return shipping will not be accepted. If a damaged item is received, it will be returned to the original shipping address, and will need to be settled via the customer through the shipping agent used. 

Tiger Tactical Airsoft will not be involved in any claims, refunds, credits or otherwise for return shipping damage.

Return Processing Time Frame

Please note that returns can take between (2) to (5) business days to process upon receipt of your return, and all returns are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contacting our customer service department via phone or email will not speed up this process, as our return department is separate, so please allow the proper amount of time for processing of your noted return(s). 

As soon as your return is processed, we will email you updates as your return is handled by our returns department. If any issues or questions arise regarding your return, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please allow time for your return to be processed, as high demand can cause delays. We truly care about your returned item(s) and will process your package as soon as we are able. 

If your package has just arrived in our facility, please understand that our customer service department will not have an updated status till your package is processed by our returns team. As mentioned, we will be sure to email you as we update all returns, and will have our customer service department follow up with you as soon as your RMA is processed.

Return Processing Requiring Product Testing

For any item requiring testing, please allow the above mentioned time to pass, as the testing process via our in house technicians will require the necessary time to problem solve your return. Our goal is to isolate whatever trouble your item(s) may be experiencing, and as soon as we have the available information to proceed, you will be updated regarding this.

Returns for Credits & Refunds

For a return of a new / unused item for store credit, refund or exchange, the above (2) to (5) business days processing time will still be in effect. We process all returns as rapidly as possible, and your return is very important to us. However, we require the above necessary time to properly sort & process your returned package. 

If a credit or refund has been requested, our team will issue the credit or refund once the return item(s) have been processed. Once processed, the customer will be updated via email regarding the credit or refund being requested.

Returns for an Exchange

When your return has been processed and a requested exchange has been shipped, we will alert you via email with the noted order and tracking number associated with this new order. 

Please note that we will ship the warranty item(s) to the noted address relating to the account holder in reference to the address previously used, or the default shipping address on file. If a different address needs to be utilized, please be sure to contact our customer service team before your return is processed.

Return Shipping for RMA Returns

All returns will be shipped via standard economy based methods – 2nd Day Air, Overnight or other express methods will not be offered. If the customer wishes to upgrade to a quicker method, we are happy to assist – customer will need to pay for the upgraded shipping method.

For customers who are in need of adding an extra item that will be shipped back with their return, based upon the size / weight of the product being requested, additional shipping fees may be required, which will be addressed by our customer service team.


I Just Tracked My Return and it Shows Delivered to Your Warehouse – Should I Call Tiger Tactical Airsoft?

Calling us will not speed up your return, as our customer service department does not handle returns, nor do we have the ability to hasten the time to process the stated return. As mentioned, returns can take between (2) to (5) business days to process, and we ask that you be patient as we do our best to effectively handle your return.

If I Ship My Return to You via an Express Method, Will this Speed Up the Turn Around Time?

If you are willing to pay for a quicker shipping method for your return to us, your order will be received quicker, but will not be processed any faster, as our returns team is required to process all returns as a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

Will I Be Reimbursed for Return Shipping?

No – return shipping will not be reimbursed for any returns to Tiger Tactical Airsoft.

I Shipped My Order Without an RMA Number – What Now?

All returns require an RMA number to be properly handled by our returns staff, but if you have initiated an approved return without an RMA that was properly listed, please contact our customer service department with your original order number, and we will assist you with this process. 

If you have shipped back a non approved RMA return, please be aware that your return may not be valid for processing, as we can only process returns based upon approved RMA's. In an instance like this, we ask that you contact our customer service team so we can assist with this situation.

Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any lost / delayed return that arrives without an RMA, even if it has arrived with a tracking number.

I Refused My Order at Delivery – How Do I Proceed?

Please contact our customer service department with your order number, and we will make the proper arrangements for your return. Due to your return not having a valid RMA number, we will need to speak with our returns team to handle your return in a different manner due to the lack of approved RMA.

Do I Need to Include My Invoice, or a Note about the Product Return?

If you have received an RMA number and have properly written it on the outside of the shipping box, no further information is necessary. However, if you are having a product problem, any further information via a note would be welcome to our tech team, as further details of the issue(s) at play are helpful when it comes to properly diagnosing the problem at hand.

Returning the Item will cost More than the Item Itself – What Do I Do?

If this situation arises (internationally or domestic), please contact our customer service department. If this return is based upon a faulty item, we can offer other solutions for you. However, if you simply want to return a non faulty item that aligns with our stated return policy, please be aware all return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer, so it will be your choice whether the return makes fiscal sense.

Where Do I Write the RMA Number?

Please be sure to write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping box - not the product box. If an RMA is written on the product box, this may complicate your return, as this item will no longer be in re-sale condition.

What Method Should I Ship My Return?

We recommend a tracked economy based shipping method for all returns, as this will give you the ability to see if the order has safely arrived within our hands. Tracking is crucial for any return, as this will provide the necessary proof that your order has made it to us.

How Should I Pack my Return?

Be sure that any return item is packed safely with care, as any item that arrives in damaged condition due to return shipping will not be accepted.

In regards to any new / unused item(s) being returned to us, it is crucial that all factory packaging is present, and the item(s) are in factory condition. 

Items that arrive with noted packaging damage, flaws or other notable signs of use, cannot be accepted back for store credit or a refund, as all non warranty items being returned must be in full resale condition.

Do I Need to Insure my Return?

We recommend insuring the item(s) you return for the appropriate value to properly protect you from transit damage. If the carrier damages or loses your return, it will be the carriers sole responsibility for the item at hand. Tiger Tactical Airsoft will offer no credit, refund or re-shipment for lost / damaged items via return shipping, and any such matter will be handled directly via the customer and the shipping carrier.

What Shipping Method Does Tiger Tactical Airsoft Use for Exchange Returns?

If you have an RMA for an exchange, all returns will be shipped out via Economy – no Express shipping can be offered. All return shipping methods are at the sole discretion of our staff, and will be handled on a case by case basis.

My Original Order (Now Returned to You) Initially Shipped via an Express Method - Will Tiger Tactical Airsoft Refund the Original Shipping or Re-Ship via the Same Method?

For all returns, Tiger Tactical Airsoft will ship the exchanged item(s) via a method of our own choosing, and cannot offer upgraded, Express, or other Overnight / 2nd Day Air methods, nor can we offer any credits, refunds or other such discounts related to Express methods of shipping.