Super Shooter - Double O-ring Aluminum Bearing Piston Head (Blue) for AEG - PT0019

  • $12.00


This Super Shooter piston head has two O-Rings tol increase the efficiency of the airflow through the cylinder. Because of the double O-ring design it ensures that all of the air in the cylinder is being pushed out to propel the BB.

  • Manufacturer: Super Shooter
  • Double O-ring Design
  • Material: 7075 CNC'd Aluminum


  • Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft AEG
  • Aluminum Piston Head with Ball Bearing is renewed to be more effective
  • Redesigning the area of port at the head front & the total weight 
  • CNC machining, smooth performance, high intensity and precision.  
  • It creates tremendously crispy shooting sound
  • Reinforced piston head will provide extra duration during rapid & prolonged firing
  • Suitable for All Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle
  • Material: Aluminum alloy 
  • Color: Blue
  • Gross Weight: 20g