Speed Airsoft - Tunable STD Trigger for AK/MTC (Black) - SA3067

  • $28.00

Echo1 MTC 1/2/3 & Speed Airsoft G36/39 Curved Trigger - Black (SA3067)

The new AK series of triggers from SPEED Airsoft weighs 1/5 the weight of the stock cast metal triggers. The lighter weight will give you increase feel and allows for greater tuning capabilities. The SPEED Airsoft AK series triggers are CNC milled from USA grade billet aluminum. They are available in standard or blade style and come in black or silver. All the new SPEED Airsoft AK series triggers include precision ground pivot pins and lightening holes. These SPEED triggers will fit version 3 gearboxes that include the Echo1 MTC1, MTC2, MTC3.

Suitable for V3 AK gearboxes including G36, G39 and Echo 1 MTC1 -3

Compatibility: For AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles
Color: Black
Material: CNC Aluminum

Manufacturer: SPEED Airsoft