Socom Gear AR Stock / QD Swivel Combo for G36 AEGs

Socom Gear AR Stock / QD Swivel Combo for G36 AEGs

  • $27.00

SOCOM Gear AR Stock / QD Sling Swivel Combo for X36 (JG/ECHO 1)
Item no: SOPMOD-36-08-02A/B/C
Designed in California
by SOCOMGEAR J.C., a MADBULL designer

SOCOM Gear brings you the X36 AR stock adapter, use M4 style buffer tube and stock on your X36! This adapter is compatible with most stocks, easy to install, and gives your X36 a bold new look! Our combo pack also includes a QD Sling swivel, make your X36 into an SMG style gun with no stock.

Tested with most crane stocks, sopmod stocks, CTR stocks, LE stocks, and various others.

Check out our images to see the finished product, AR buffer tube, QD Swivel, and our special design magwell conversion. *AEG, crane stock is not included.

In-house design by J.C. Not OEM or re-pack
High Quality Materials: Polycarbonates (widely used on bullet proof materials) + Fiber
Steel QD Swivel

How to install AR Stock adapter:
1. Knock out pin (use mallet if necessary, pin should be tight inside)
2. Unhook the stock and pull away from gun
3. Take your SOCOM Gear AR adapter and attach to gun, insert pin first then slide on rest of adapter
3. Take pin and insert through adapter, take a soft mallet (if necessary) and knock back into place.
4. All done! Now attach your M4 buffer tube by simply sliding over the adapter and screw into place!

How to install AR QD Swivel (After AR Stock Adapter is installed):

1. Remove any buffer tubes attached, also remove the cap.
2. You will see 3 small allen keys, (should be a metric #2 allen key), remove these 3 screws
3. After screws have been removed, pull small tube out
4. Insert SOCOM Gear QD swivel attachment, then screw back in the 3 allen screws
5. All done! Now you can use your X36 as an SMG style rifle. Attach a 1pt. sling and use the QD button feature to attach and detach your sling instantly. Push the button in and simultaneously pull on it for removal.