SHS - Plastic Delay Sector Gear Clip - Blue - NB0002

  • $3.00

  • SHS gear sector clip (delayer).
  • Made by plastic material.
  • Gear sector clip fit the space better between sector gear and tappet plate.
  • Basically this upgrade part can be enable for tappet plate to delay it's releasing time.
  • Enable reliable BB feeding in modified high performance AEG.
  • Even though it is so small upgrade part which should be installed in the gear box.
  • It will guarantee AEG's reliable performance.
  • This parts can be compatible to all Tokyo Marui, CA, ICS, Systema AEG Gearbox Version (except PSG-1 & UZI).
  • As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed.