SHS CNC Stainless Steel DSG Spring Guide for V2 AEG Gearbox - WD0033

  • $15.00

The CNC machining process SHS uses produces very high quality and precision made spring guides. The ball bearings allows your spring to twist as it decompresses which puts less pressure on the spring. The bearings also improve your ROF and they act as spacers to increase the FPS. The stainless steel and quality bearings make this spring guide durable, reliable, and sure to keep your gearbox running for a long time.


  • Reinforced spring guide.
  • Bearings model.
  • CNC machined steel material.
  • For series version 2.
  • Compatible AEG electric guns.
  • Designed for DUAL SECTOR gears.
  • It compresses the spring and guarantees stability.
  • Weight 38gr.