RA-TECH - NPAS Kit for KSC MP7 & System 7 GBBR

  • $30.00

The RA Tech NPAS or Negative Pressure Adjustment System drops into your KWA MP7 gas blowback SMG and affords you two significant improvements. 

Less notably, it increases the shot-to-shot consistency in FPS; while lesser know, this is no less of an important factor. More well known, and more user-end interestingly enough, the NPAS allows you to manually adjust the gas flow regulation which allows you to tweak the FPS of your shots. 

Though it varies between models, by general rule of thumb allows you to adjust your gas weapon both above and below your factory settings allowing you to trim or spike that FPS to better suit your needs. * Item also fits KSC KTR-003 and KSC M4 version 2 and KWA LM4 GBB