Polar Star - Fusion Engine Low Flow Poppet - Red

Polar Star - Fusion Engine Low Flow Poppet - Red

  • $35.00

This poppet valve has a lower flow than the stock valve which results in the following performance increases:

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Better BB in-flight Stability
  • Increased Range due to better stability
We recommend using a higher bore nozzle such as a black, silver, or red nozzle at a lower PSI depending on the length and bore of your inner barrel.  We have found that these used in conjunction with our ORGA barrel setups along with the use of low dp/dn values are where these setups will shine the brightest. We are still trying to find better barrel combinations out there and would love feedback on these poppets once you try them in different setups. 

Currently there are only two poppet sizes (Gold and Red).  Gold is our lowest low-flow poppet whereas the red is our highest low-flow poppet.  

For players using short wide bore barrels, such as the ORGA 6.23, we recommend going with the red poppet as well as a red nozzle for a higher FPS ceiling.  If you plan on running around a max of 400 FPS with a .25g or running with a longer barrel whether it be a tightbore or wide bore, then you will be alright going with the gold poppet. If you are looking for more fps while using a shorter barrel, then we would recommend going with the red poppet as your starting poppet size to make sure that you are able to reach the FPS desired.

We will be releasing statistical numbers from tests that we have done here shortly so players will have a better idea of what each of these will produce FPS wise in different setups. Due to the high demand for these, we wanted to release them, as it will take us some time to compile an FPS graph for each poppet.  We will also be introducing more sizes in the future.  

Enjoy your new low flow poppet valve! The prototype low flow poppets that we handed out to friends and customers of ours to try many months ago had very positive results and we are sure that you will like them!
  • High quality anodized aluminum construction
  • Low flow valve assembly for improved efficiency and stability
  • Easy to install

Nozzle Color: Red

Max Velocity: (0.20g BB @ 120 PSI)
275mm Inner Barrel: 500 FPS
380mm Inner Barrel: 550 FPS
509mm Inner Barrel: 590 FPS