MAXX - CNC Aluminum Piston Head with double O-ring and ball bearing - MX-PIS001PHS

  • $14.98

Maxx Model Double O-Ring Ball Bearing AEG Piston Head is crafted using a very lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish. When using performance components such as this Maxx piston head, you can expect a more consistent FPS and an increase in shooting performance. The ported piston head design combined with two high quality O-rings deliver exceptional compression inside the cylinder. The quality and reliability of this one piece aluminum piston head will definitely outlast other stock AEG pistons. Precision ball bearings have been implemented to alleviate spring tension while 8 Ported piston head vents increase compression even further. This Piston head has been created to accommodate most version 2/3 metal gearboxes.


  • Easy to install choice as an upgrade
  • Adds FPS to overall muzzle velocity
  • High quality and long lasting component
  • CNC crafted single piece enhances durability
  • Compatible with the version 2 gearbox AEGs
  • Assists in firing consistent FPS with every shot
  • Ported piston head design enhances compression
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish
  • Precision made ball bearings alleviate spring tension
  • Two high quality O-rings greatly improve compression while fired
  • Color: Red