MAXX - CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head with double airseal and damper - MX-CYL001CHS

  • $14.98

 Maxx Model Double Airseal and Damper AEG Cylinder Head is crafted using a very lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish. The durable rubber o-rings framed around the body serve as an air tight seal to prevent air from leaking out of the space between the cylinder head and the cylinder itself. A dense rubber pad on the rear of the cylinder head acts as a cushion to absorb impact from the piston, reducing overall vibration while firing. This high flow version 2 cylinder head has been created to accommodate most M4/ M16 Version 2 metal gearboxes and can greatly increase output and compression!


  • Easy to install choice as an upgrade
  • High quality and long lasting component
  • CNC crafted single piece enhances durability
  • Delivers exceptional output and compression
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish
  • Double O-ring air nozzle provides an excellent seal
  • Accommodates most M4/M16 version 2 metal gearboxes
  • A dense rubber pad on the rear of the cylinder head absorbs piston impact
  • Color: Red