Madbull - Dark Knight Tracer BB (0.20g) 2K - Red

Madbull - Dark Knight Tracer BB (0.20g) 2K - Red

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Sensitive to white light. Have to use BB Tracer unit.
Very bright right after passing through tracer unit but the brightness won't last long.
Check youtube video here

How to play with 4 colors MadBull Dark Knight series tracer BB?
Mad Bull Presents the newest in tracer bbs! A variety of colors which can be used with several light sources for cool effects. Add all kinds of cool new effects to an airsoft game. Instead of everyone using green tracers now you can have one team use green and one team use red! Now you can distinguish between friendly or foe fire with no problem. Play at night, in a C.Q.B. arena and light up the area with these glow bbs. Make your own モspaceヤ or モstarヤ inspired battle with our high glow tracer bbs. Some of these bbs truly give the effect that your gun is a laser style blaster!

There are lot of cool and interesting ways you can use these bbs. Like mentioned above, use two different colors to distinguish between two teams, mix them up for cool effects, have a futuristic inspired laser battle, mix them in with your normal bbs for a real life inspired tracer round, or possibly put a few toward the bottom of your mag so you know that you are running out of rounds!

The purple color is very special because not everyone wants to shoot super bright bbs giving away their position. So what makes the purple one ideal? Due to itï¾’s characteristics they have a more subtle low glow. Now you can have a tracer round without bringing a lot of attention to you or your weapon. A more stealth bb for stealth players!

We are releasing the following colors:
Red / Green which is perfect for using with any tracer unit or normal white light.
Blue / Purple / Green: Best used with an LED or UV type bulb or handheld.

The Blue and Green colors are very sensitive to UV lights. All you have to do is shine them with a UV light for about 30 seconds and they will be very bright for a while.
Red is very sensitive to normal white light but doesnï¾’t last very long but for the time that it is lit up itï¾’s extremely bright!

So, use a UV light source for the Blue, Purple, or Green. Expose them for about 30-60 seconds and watch them glow! For best effect use them mixed. For example, mix them up in your hicap magazine, burst shotgun, our bb shower grenades, and for extreme effect load them in your minigun! They should glow bright for about a good 5 minutes.

A tracer unit will only be effective with the traditional green or red color.
We havenï¾’t tested UV + White light yet.

Suggested UV light source: eBay currently sells these light sources for about $6usd including shipping. A 5 LED UV flash light.
Currently the best and cheapest UV light source for airsoft use.
Remember not to expose your skin and your eyes to a lot UV light. It can cause blindness and cancer. (Think of the sun)

For best results consult the following:
BB light persistence (Using a UV light source): 1. Blue 2. Green 3. Purple 4. Red
BB light persistence (Using a flashlight or tracer unit): 1. Blue 2. Green 3. Purple 4. Red
Brightness (Using a UV light source): 1. Blue & Green 2. Purple 3.Red
Brightness (Using a flashlight or tracer unit): 1. Red 2. Blue & Green 3. Purple
Sensitivity to the light source (Use a UV light source): 1. Blue & Green 2. Purple 3. Red
Sensitivity to the light source (Using a flashlight or tracer unit): 1. Red 2. Green 3. Blue 4. Purple