Madbull - 6.03mm Black Python II Tight Bore Inner Barrel 650mm for PSG-1 Plus

  • $38.00


This is a 650mm-long 6.03mm-bore Black Python V2 Tightbore Inner Barrel from Madbull Airsoft for PSG-1 Plus.

This high-quality inner barrel is made from lightweight aluminum, and is the result of a very well-refined manufacturing and quality control process:

Step 1: An aluminum tube is pulled out from the mold, which at this time has a rather rough inner surface.

Step 2: German-made gear hobs are run down the inside of the barrel, which punch down the high points of the inner surface so that it is smooth.

Step 3: The barrel is completely hard-anodized, which gives the barrel a very consistent finish, both to the eye and to the touch (most importantly, to the touch of BBs!)

Step 4: Each barrel is checked to have exactly a 6.03mm inner bore diameter by using a known 6.02mm rod and a 6.04mm rod. If the 6.02mm rod fits down the barrel without any force, but a 6.04mm rod will not travel down the barrel, then the barrel's inner diameter must be 6.03mm.

Step 5: To ensure straightness, each barrel is then rolled down a triangular block. If the barrel rolls perfectly straight down the block without bumping, twisting, or turning, then it must be completely straight.

Step 6: Now that a near-perfect barrel has been crafted, it must be packaged in a way that preserves its quality all the way to the final customer. Each barrel is packed into a rigid plastic tube as retail packaging, and then 10 barrels are packed into a thick cardboard tube for shipping to the distributor and retailer.


  • Made from  quality aluminum
  • Weather resistant black coating
  • Precision 6.03mm inner bore diameter
  • Increase accuracy, velocity, consistency, and groupings
  • PSG-1 Cut
  • Size: 650mm