LWRCI Rail Skin Rail Cover ( Snake / Black ) - 1 pc

LWRCI Rail Skin Rail Cover ( Snake / Black ) - 1 pc

  • $9.00

LWRC RailSkin (Rail Protector)
Single RailSkin

Positive Grip Snake Scale Texture
Heat and impact resistant polymer
Low Profile
Carbine Length
Easily cut to custom size

There is more to RailSkins than meets the eye.  RailSkins slide easily onto any picatinny rail and lock into any position on the rail using a captured clip.  The proprietary heat and impact resistant polymer used for RailSkins creates a thermal break between the users hand and a hot rail.  The low profile design of the panels allow for maxximum air cooling of the barrel, and help the user maintain a rock solid grip on the weapon.  The unique Snake Scale texture makes the gripping surface directional depending which way they are mounted on the rail.  They can easily be cut to any size required.

Qty: 1pc