Lonex - TITAN Infinte Torque-Up A1 Motor (Medium) - GB-05-06

  • $48.00

GB-05 motor series using heat resistance enameled wire, up to 200℃, to build the core of the motor. This helps the motor to maintain the temperature at an efficient level, even under the full power, also it greatly increases the durability of the motor and battery consumptions.


  • Type: High Torque
  • Rated to cycle up to M130 springs
  • Help increase trigger response
  • Reinforced steel pinion gear
  • Highly durable steel axle
  • Enameled wire core can withstand high temperatures
  • Front aluminum cage and rear reinforced polymer panel improves durability
  • Ball bearing supported motor shaft increases rotational efficiency
  • Improved electromagnetic properties
  • More energy / battery efficient
  • Medium size for PDW