Lonex - Aluminum Cylinder Head V3 Gearbox - Purple - GB-01-06

  • $13.99

Lonex Aluminum Cylinder Head for V3 Gearbox 

1. The surface has been specially processed to increase the hardness, durability 
     and wear resistance to perfection. 
2. The front tip and the contacting surface of the cylinder head share the same 
    specifications as the Marui, but have added a rubber cusion to aborb shock. 
3. The upgrading part is built with complex CNC machine to ensure the preciseness.
4.  Dual O-Ring for better air sealing 
5.  Making each shot smooth and lock-free 
6.  It also stabilizes the loading system 
7.  Suitable for Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Version 3 Gearbox



Weight :9g
Size : ø24.5x23mm 
Package Weigh :20g
Package Size : 142x72x30mm