Lonex - 6.03mm Steel Inner Barrel for AEGs - GB-03

  • $27.00

The Lonex reinforced barrel is built using high density steel to ensure the vibration during rapid firing of an Airsoft gun is at it's minimum. This is important because, vibrations of the barrel will influence the accuracy and distance which the B.B. travels. Moreover, a special cone shaped design at the tip of the barrel will focus the air to further enhance the accuracy and distance that the Airsoft rifle can obtain.


  • Made out of carbon steel
  • Enhance range and accuracy
  • Enhance FPS output


  • Inner Diameter Size: 6.03mm
  • Material: Steel
  • TBB has regular aeg cut and TM M14 style hop up cut.
  • Increase Muzzle Velocity
  • Increase Accuracy
  • LX-GB-03-01