KWA H&K USP SOCOM NS2 25rds Gas Magazine

  • $41.00

The H&K Mk23 Magazine from KWA fits the new Heckler Koch Mk23 Gas Blowback Airsoft pistol by KWA. The NS2 system increases gas efficiency and is patented by KWA. Pick up a spare 25 round magazine for your KWA Mk23 SOCOM and stay in the fight.

This magazine will only fit the new Umarex H&K MK23 US SOCOM gas blowback pistol by KWA. It will not fit other HK Mk23 models.


  • Officially licensed by Heckler & Koch
  • All steel construction
  • Type: Gas blowback magazine
  • Magazine capacity: 25 rounds
  • Power source: Green Gas
  • Uses KWA's revolutionary NS2 gas system
  • Extremely gas efficient
  • Compatible with H&K MK23 airsoft pistol by KWA