FCC - Velocity Complete Upper Receiver (16" NST Style) - Black

  • $769.99

Ready to snap-on and use!! Just add this complete upper set to your existing lower and a cylinder and you're good to go!!


This comes pre-assembled with steel outer barrel, gas block and gas tube, flash hider, rigid metal casted and CNC finished upper receiver, rail system, charging handle, dust cover as well as custom length inner barrel and hopup chamber. Compatible with FCC lower receivers, as well as Celcius, DTW and Systema (Due to inconsistencies of various manufacturers, minor modifications may be required for optimum fit.)


Complete Upper Receiver set are build with following parts:

  • Velocity Upper Receiver (NOV style)
  • FCC Dust Cover set (SCF)
  • FCC LMT Styled charging handle
  • FCC Assist Knob Set    
  • FCC Low Profile Gas Block
  • FCC Stainless steel gastube
  • FCC NST TR* 13" CNC Rail (Limited)
  • FCC Steel Outer barrel 16”
  • FCC AAC 90T flash hider (Steel version) 14mm CCW
  • FCC completed inner barrel system (16")