FCC - 8" KAC URX3 Style RIS - Black - Airsoft Only!!

  • $120.00

This product is for airsoft (toys) use only!

The KAC Upper Receiver Extending (URX) Rail system is one of the most trusted tactical free floating rails on the market, given that KAC invented the railed fore-end in the early 90’s.

In version III, side-rails of URX has been trimmed down, turning into optional choice on need basis in order to further reduce weight and keep lowest profile.

FCC now bring this famous rail for TW users.  With careful reference to real-steel, this rail is careful measured and built from 6061-T6 aluminum under CNC process.  Hard-anodized coating and laser engravings of markings are performed with attention to resemble the reality.  Therefore, every piece of them is closely matched with the high quality outlook which no other market players can compete.

The barrel nut thread follows real-steel measurement, therefore, shall be applicable to corresponding spec. upper receivers (e.g. FCC, Prime, IronAirsoft, PGC, Systema, Inokatsu, Viper, etc)

Length: 8"