Etiny Airsoft - Tiny Power Unit for PTW and CTW

  • $125.00


  • Shortened Etiny PTW Tiny power unit ETA-TPA-001 replacement.
  • Suitable for 2008 models and up  (4 wire control cable)
  • ECU for stock tube on PTW/CTW Electric rifles.
  • 16a heat resistant wires.
  • Only 35mm length including fuse.
  • Fitted with deans connector.
  • Great addition when upgrading to milspec buffer tubes and stocks.


  • 35mm length high density design
  • Thicker PCB copper layer, larger current lower resistance
  • 16AWG heat resistant flexible wires from battery
  • 14AWG heat resistant wires to motor
  • High power mosfet
  • Compatible with PTW & CTW
  • Slip proof T plug