Element - Upgrade Oil Temper IRREGULAR-PITCH M175 ST Spring (550-620fps) - IN0111

  • $8.00

Element AEG Upgrade Oil Temper IRREGULAR-PITCH Spring

Grade M175= 550-620 fps (approx. result varies)

Upgrade your AEG.'s fps to around 550-620 fps. You will also need to change the plastic bushings to metal bushings with this upgrade. M175 spring works in most of the AEGs. This is an extreme upgrade and required many reinforced parts to accommodate, please consult with us on your upgrade plan.


  • Manufacturer: Element
  • Material: Oil Tempered Wire
  • AEG upgrade M175 Spring
  • Recommended for all AEG gearboxes
  • Supreme quality airsoft electric gun spring
  • Variable Pitch Spring

-- Suitable for AEG Gearbox                                        

-- Irregular-Pitch Spring

-- Oil tempered wire manufacture with light weight resistance.

-- High Quality Airsoft Spring
-- Power Output may vary if used in conjunction with our upgrade parts

NOTE: Spring Direction:  There is a direction for incorporating uneven pitching springs.  Please set it that the narrower one is the spring guide side and the wider one is the piston side.