Element - Max Speed AEG Motor D Shaft Short Type for V3 gearbox

  • $45.00

This high quality and high RPM (revolutions per minute) motor is perfect for any high speed Version 3 full metal gearbox.  High speed motors are a favorite amongst airsoft players seeking a high volume of suppress fire over fast muzzle velocities.  High rates of fire are perfect for close quarters battle, because it allows you to suppress the opposition while you advance on their position.  Element’s NEW Max Speed Motor is perfect for your next high speed AEG build.


  • Element max speed motor series.
  • Short type for AK47, AK74, AUG and Thompson AEG.
  • Custom motor tunes up your Airsoft AEG with low price & performance.
  • High speed motor bring your AEG to next level.
  • Note: Self-assembly is required, consult expertise if needed.

    Specs :

    Item weight: 286g
    Color: Red
    Motor Type: Hi-speed motor
    Shaft Length: 15mm (Short type)
    Shaft Type: D shaft
    Material: Neodymium Magnets
    Dimension: 73mm x 30mm x 25mm
    Voltage: 11.1v (3s)
    Max Power: 68W (appox.)
    Max Current: 12A
    No load Current: 2.27A
    Diameter of shaft: 3.17mm
    Manufacturer: Element