Element - Helmet Light Set Gen 2 (Blue/White/IR) in Black Color - EX029

  • $25.00

Element EX029 Helmet Light Set Gen II, the Light unit features 3 White LEDs, 2 Red Leds & infrared IFF LED beacon, providing Low LED light output in dim situation. O-ring sealed battery cap also features disable-switch function .This set comes with adapter mount for 20 mm rail and MICH helmet platforms as well as base-ball cap clip, which gives user more option to attach the light unit. 


  • SF HL1 style Gen 2 tactical helmet light.
  • Provides a compact, hands-free, low-output illumination source for navigation or CQB purpose.
  • Perfect for close-quarter work like reading maps and documents, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field.
  • Weatherproof polymer construction.
  • Attaches directly to the side of any TC-2000 MICH helmet.
  • 3 output modes: 2 Blue LEDs, 3 White LEDs & Blinking IR LED; comes with 3 levels brightness adjustment.
  • The 3 white LEDs are perfect for general-purpose, close-work illumination; the 2 blue LEDs serve the same purpose in a low-signature, night-vision-friendly color.
  • One blinking red infrared LED that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon.
  • Attaches via a special mount that clamps semi-permanently to the rim of the helmet by means of two socket-head machine screws, flashlight can be easily slid onto the mount.
  • Package include modular design RIS/RAS mount adaptor.
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 70g
  • Size - 55mm x 65mm x 33mm
  • Bulb - 2 Blue & 3 White LED + 1 IR LED
  • Battery compatible - 1x CR123A (not included)