Echo1 Tactical Vest Sling in Black

Echo1 Tactical Vest Sling in Black

  • $22.00

The ECHO 1 Double Shoulder Sling ( BLK ) is the perfect solution if you use an SMG like the P90 or MP5k. The end with two clips attach to the shoulder straps of your chest rig or plate carrier, and the single clip attaches to your gun. This particular set hangs the gun down your center line, making it great for ambidextrous shooters. This design also evenly distributes the weight of your gun evenly on both shoulders making this one of the most ergonomic slings available.

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Model: Double Shoulder Sling
Material: Military Grade Nylon + Bungee
Sling Type: One Point
Package Includes: One (1) Sling


  • Full Metal Clasps
  • Single Point / Dual Bungee Design
  • Great for Ambidextrous Use
  • Ergonomic Weight Distribution