Echo1 - 500rds Hi-Cap Metal Magazine for ASC-H/MK17 AEGs - Tan

  • $25.00

This magazine is recommended for use with the Echo 1 ASC-H series AEGs, it may work with other brands AEG but cannot be guaranteed.

Manufacturer: Echo 1
Magazine Capacity: 500 rounds (6mm airsoft bb)

Compatibility: For VFC, Echo1, FN Herstal, Dboy and compatible Metal MK17 & SCAR-H, Scar Heavy Series Airsoft AEG.

    High Capacity Magazine Operation:
  1. Find the trap door, usually located on the top of the magazine near the loading nozzle.
  2. Open trap door and fill reservoir with high quality BBs.
  3. Wind the wheel at the bottom of the magazine (notice the pitch and volume of the click).
  4. Continue to wind wheel until pitch changes. Once the click gets louder, or begins to "double click," the magazine is fully wound.
  5. Insert magazine into gun and fire. You may need to rewind the wheel during play.