Bravo - 3x Magnifier Scope for Red Dot Sights with Quick Release Mount

  • $95.00

Easily transition from outdoor fields to indoor CQB games with a simple add-on.   The Bravo 3x Magnifier Scope can be mounted behind your red dot or reflex sight to instantly obtain increased magnification and a better image of your targets at long range.  Made with high strength aluminum this scope is extremely durable.  It has a quick release mount that allows you to quickly twist the magnifier on or off the mount.  The body of the magnifier has a rubberized coating that aids in manipulating the optic.  Comes with a flip-up scope cover to protect the lens when not in use.  


- High strength aluminum body

- Extremely durable

- Adds 3x magnification to any 1x zoom optic

- Quick release scope mount, twists optic off mount

- Rubberized coated body to aid in manipulation of optic

- Attaches to any standard picatinny rails

- Used in conjunction with red dots / reflex sights


Package Includes:

- Bravo 3x Magnifier Scope

- Quick release mount

- Allen key

- Cleaning cloth

Note: The scope is sold separately