ASG - Barrel Extension Tube for ASW338LM - Tan

ASG - Barrel Extension Tube for ASW338LM - Tan

  • $65.00

A custom barrel extension tube designed especially for the Ashbury ASW338 airsoft sniper rifle, it is an essential part for the complete authentic look. It features a fast-attach screw-on 28mm thread and mounts quickly on the ASW 338's muzzlebrake. Apart from making the airsoft sniper rifle look its best, it provides the option to cover the extension of an upgraded longer inner barrel (Ref.17229).
Made of metal.

Due to legal requirements, all barrel extension tubes are empty and without foam or sound baffles. Therefore it feature no measurable sound reduction. It is intended for appearances only.

The ASG ASW338LM Barrel Extension is designed for a direct replacement for your ASG ASW338LM Sniper Rifle. Externally, the barrel extension is constructed out of a solid piece of metal for durability. The external coating is anodized tan to blend with the gun as well as other surroundings. This barrel extension is designed to attach over the stock flash hider on the ASG ASW338LM. This barrel extension may work with other products but cannot be guaranteed.

Manufacturer: ASG
Model: ASW338LM Barrel Extension
Color: Tan
Package Includes: One (1) Barrel Extension

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Matte Tan Finish