Polar Star - Fusion Engine Drop in Gen 3 for M240B Series

  • $514.99

This Polar Star Fusion Engine is a drop in gearbox made to fit Echo1's M240B. Made from the USA Polar Star’s Fusion Engine is the most reliable gearbox powered by a HPA (High Pressure Air) system. The Fusion Engine does not use conventional parts and therefore eliminates breaking any pistons, gears, or tappet plates. Included with the Polar Star Fusion Engine is a Blue nozzle capable of 380 FPS to 435 FPS with .20 bbs at 120 psi. The FPS can be easily increased or decreased with nozzle upgrades.

100% Built in the USA
Muzzle velocity is adjustable
Drop in Fusion Engine for Echo1 M240B
Package includes entire drop in assembly

Completely ready for drop in installation
Adjustable FPS and Rate of Fire
HPA System
Capable of freezing temperatures without decreased performance or reliability
Easily interchangeable air nozzles

Echo1 M240B by Ohio Ordnance
Remote dual regulated air rig with HPA (High Pressure Air) tank.

Polar Star 6 month limited warranty