Modify - TORUS 8mm Reinforced Gear Box V2 with Tappet Plate - GB-10-02

  • $60.00

  • *Fluted shell, for better force distribution, lower weight and more efficient cooling  
  • *Inspection ports, to maintain and inspect the internals
  • *Oversize high-torque screws, prevent loosening and hold everything tightly.
  • *Internal and external reinforcements
  • *Tappet plate has lubrication grooves and cut-outs for minimal friction
  • *New design tappet plate groove on the front, for better performance!
Package includes:

Material: Zinc Alloy Metal
Includes: Reinforced Gearbox
TORX® Key T10*1
Screw Set No. 6*9
MB-02-02 Reinforced Ver. 2 Gear Box – TORUS 8MM