MADBULL - Upgrade Spring M140 (450-470fps) for AEGs

MADBULL - Upgrade Spring M140 (450-470fps) for AEGs

  • $16.75


  • Ligth Orange Color - Hard Coated M140 (ugrade your AEGs fps to 450-470fps)
  • Consistent > 100K shot
  • Non-liner Design (Calculated)
  • Color coating to reduce effects from environment
  • Design & Made by experienced engineers.
  • Premium quality German piano wire
  • Qty: 1pc


Note: ****It is highly recommended to upgrade plastic bushings and spring guide to metal bushings and spring guide with this product.***Also, it would be wise to upgrade plastic pistons to polycarbonate piston; plastic piston heads to duracon piston heads; and standard gears to reinforced steel gears. Finally, just to be safe, upgrade the standard gearbox shell to a reinforced gearbox shell. Finally for best results a battery upgrade is also recommended.