Madbull- Noveske 12.658" Free Float for M4/M16 AEG - Black

  • $110.00

Build up your Noveske N4 rifles by using Noveske licensed handguard rail!

No need to say that Noveske Rifleworks is one of the most reliable and reputable Madbull 100% CNC Noveske 12.658inch Handguard rifle manufactures in the world.

The Noveske Rifleworks licensed MadBull free float handguard rail is manufactured for the M4 style Airsoft. 
This product is designed for Airsoft and is already blocked the gas pipe tunnel. [Can't be applied on real rifles]
MadBull licensed Noveske handguard rail is made of 6065 Aluminum and machined from an extrusion. 
With hard anodized process, our handguard is more durable and looks better than other toy handguards with black color spray paint.

Other features:

  • Free float tube provides a continuous top rail
  • Slots on the rail can be timed to slots on the receiver
  • Unique mounting system

Overall Length: 12.658"

Suitable external barrels:
MadBull M16A2; MadBull M4; MadBull Dissipator 16" and A2; length barrels. (Others length barrel looks fine too.)

Suitable flash suppressor:
Of course, your first choice will be Noveske KX3 and Noveske KFH.