MadBull - Diablo CQB PWS Compensator/Amplifier (14 CCW) - OD

MadBull - Diablo CQB PWS Compensator/Amplifier (14 CCW) - OD

  • $30.00

PWS Diablo Compensator - CQB Version (Fully licensed product)

Adjustable amplifier
14 mm C.C.W.
Aluminum T6 6061
Olive Drab finish (anodized)

About PWS: (link)
Primary Weapons Systems, Inc (PWS) is a Federally-licensed firearms manufacturer located in Boise, Idaho. PWS is the designer and manufacturer of the MK1 and MK2 series rifles and uppers in addition to a complete line of flash suppressing compensators such as the FSC556, SM556, FSC30, and more. PWS develops items based on real world requirements with the goal of redefining accuracy and performance in the piston-driven platforms.

Real PWS CQB Compensator Product Details
The CQB Comp, originally designed as part of the MK107 Rifle, provides as much compensation as possible while suppressing flash and sending all the blast forward of the shooter and those next to the shooter.

The CQB Comp features a 2 part design with a removable end cap for ease of cleaning. The primary function is to send all the blast forward while suppressing as much flash as possible. This product in no way compensates the weapon to the level of the FSC556 or our other comps, but it does serve the needs of those that requested its development.