FLAME 9.9V 1000mAh 15C LiFePO4 Battery

FLAME 9.9V 1000mAh 15C LiFePO4 Battery

  • $24.99

Quick Overview  
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery
-- Latest lithium battery technology
-- Non-explosive, Non-flammable, designed for Airsoft AEG
-- 9.9V 1000mAh stable voltage / 15C high current
-- Longer cycle life than usual LiPo battery

Product Description

- Latest Battery Technology widely used in Hybrids & electric car
- Flat Discharge Curve: Max power available until discharged
- High Discharge Rate, Voltage, Current and "C"
- Fast Forced Charging
- Large Overcharge Tolerance (i.e. More Safer)
- Extremely Long Battery Cycle Life (5 times more than Li-Po) ~ about 2000 times under regular use
- Working good under High Environment Temperature
- More safer than other Lithium-ion Technology
- Dislike other re-brand RC battery, this is special design for Airsoft AEGs
- Enhance your AEGs BPS (BBs per second) / ROF (rate of fire)

You MUST use FLAME LFP Battery Charger with LFP Battery. Please read Manual carefully before use.
Our shop will not bear any responsibility for damaged caused by charger or battery.
And please do not leave charging batteries unattended.


Additional Information

Item Weight (gram) 125
Major Color Black
Dimensions 120x16x6mm x3
Battery Cell Type LiFePO4 / LFP
Battery Capacity 9.9V 1000mAh

Fits PEQ-15 Battery Box