Element - Large Capacity Switch Assembly for V2 Gearbox (Front Wiring)

  • $11.00

Heavier duty cables to replace the lighter type used by some AEG manufacturers. Standard wires are fine but if you intend to run hotter batteries like 10.8v or a LiPo then a heavier assembly like this is a good idea.

This set if for a front wired solution, this set is a full set of wires and switch connectors for standard type AEG gearboxes and motors.

  • Good Wire is essential for connecting Battery to the Gearbox
  • Constructed of Large Capacity Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Perfectly welled together for maximum current flow
  • Design for All AEG Gearbox Version 2
  • Manufacturer: ELEMENT  

NOTE: No hardware included.  You will need screws and spring to complete assembly.