Element - E-Lite Safety V-Lite Light - GREEN - EX234

  • $20.00


  • Element E-Lite is a new product of Advanced Identification Marking Module(AIMD) Silica gel construction with velcro on backside.
  • This product's housing is flat and flexible, which forms to the curvature of the users helmet, reducing snag hazards during parachute operations.
  • Can attach on any cloth or BDU with velcro on it.
  • Identify your teammate at night battle, a safety signal and direction pointer at night walk.
  • Waterproof, Lightweight, Flexible and Reusable.
  • Tactile switch modes: ON/BLINK/OFF.
  • Includes plastic sleeve with velcro backing and lanyard.
  • Run time: 120+ hours.
  • Battery compatible - 1x CR2032
  • Color: GREEN
  • ELE-EX234-GRN