Condor - Nomex Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove in Coyote Tan - HK221-003

  • $32.00

Condor's Nomex Tactical Gloves are made from premium goatskin leather, and have extra protection in the palm and knuckle areas. Fireproof Nomex material covers the fingers and backing, with a hard shell over the knuckles. These offer great protection for airsoft, especially CQB scenarios where shots to the knuckles can really sting. The adjustable wrist strap ensures a snug fit.

Description :

- Premium Goatskin Leather
- Nomex throughout finger and back of hand for flame/flash protection
- Double-layer of reinforcement leather on palm and knuckle
- Padded palm and back of fingers
- Hard shell kunckle protection
- Adjustable cuff for secure fit
- Import
- Color: Coyote Tan
- Size: 8-12