BRAVO - High Performance Tune Up Spring - SP100 (320-350fps)

BRAVO - High Performance Tune Up Spring - SP100 (320-350fps)

  • $11.99

Bravo High Performance Tune Up Spring - SP100 (320-350fps)

The Bravo Airsoft High Performance Tune Up Spring is designed to reach a certain velocity output while maintaining spring life. As coils expand and contract, they become weak over time. The Bravo Tune-Up Spring uses progressive non-linear design for a more stable velocity output as well as to save battery. Bravo Airsoft uses a high class steel material to ensure durability of the part. It is highly recommended to upgrade plastic bushings and spring guides to metal components with this product. Also, it would be wise to upgrade plastic pistons to polycarbonate piston; plastic piston heads to aluminum piston heads; and standard gears to reinforced, high torque, steel gears. Finally for best results a battery upgrade is also recommended.

Manufacturer: Bravo Airsoft
Model: High Performance Tune Up SP100 Spring
Material: Steel
Muzzle Velocity: Approximately 320-350 FPS
Package Includes: One (1) AEG Spring


  • High Density
  • Non-Linear Design