Airsoft Innovations - Propane Adaptor Kit

Airsoft Innovations - Propane Adaptor Kit

  • $14.99

The AI Propane Adaptor is compatible with the most widely used disposable propane tanks, available in many countries. Please make sure appropriate tanks are available in your country before purchasing an adaptor.

The Gun Gas Propane Adaptor kit comes with 1x Propane Adaptor, 1x Silicone Oil, and 1x Duster Adaptor. 

• New V5 design is requires no assembly!
• Completely re-useable
• Compatible with nearly every gas gun. Adaptors for both propane and computer duster gas.
• Reduce gas costs by 90%
• Real instruction manual, no engrish!
• High-resolution assembly video (new video coming, current video is for V3 adaptor)
• Comes with easy to inject silicone oil to maintain your mags: Find oil here
• Soft sealing plastic tip doesn't mar brass magazine fill valves.
• Comes with a repair tip in case you damage the propane adaptor tip.