A&K SPR Carbine Value Package - Short

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Eugene Stoner was the grand master behind the design of the original AR-10 then manufactured by ArmaLite. Later one the weapon would go on to spawn many variants and is now chiefly known around the world as the M16/M4 family manufactured by Colt. This is why, despite its current status, this family of weapons is commonly nicknamed ''Armalite'' or ''AR'' as even with all of the various manufacturers that make different spin-offs they are all grand kids of Stoners original AR-10.
ARs in Airsoft in particular are rather similar as under the hood they use the same internal parts, the main way they vary is their barrel length and the variations of furniture attached to them. Shorter versions included CQB and SBR variants, more specific names are used for particular replicas of historical weapons and some are named for unique furnitures like special rail systems.

This model is a short carbine with free floating style front system (with fours side of rails). the whole top features a slightly raised one piece rail. This gun comes with a 300 round high cap magazine as well as battery and stock included.


  • Full Metal Receiver
  • SPR Style Flash hider
  • Retractable Crane Stock
  • Functional Charging Handle
  • Free Floating RIS Hand guard
  • Flip-Up Front and Rear Sight
  • Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide
  • High Torque Up Motor
  • Metal Bushings
  • 360-380 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • 300 Round Magazine

Included: BBs, 1500mah 8.4V NiMH Crane Stock Battery, Charger,  Screwdriver, Vertical Grip